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Indicators for Referral
Indications that the employee may not be able to return to customary employment due to residual disability or limitations

•Employer has concerns about taking the employee back to work due to no “light duty” jobs

•Employer needs assistance determining reasonable accommodations for employee with residual limitations (particularly important in view of ADA requirements)

•Employer is willing to return employee to work, but a job analysis is needed for review by the treating physician to clarify physical demands and needed job modifications

•Employee is nearing MMI, but no return to work or vocational plan is in place in preparation for a hearing or settlement

•Employee expresses concern or anxiety about returning to customary job, or has questions about the type of work he or she is capable of performing

•Employee displays poor motivation to return to work, or there is evidence of secondary gain

We offer a comprehensive vocational case management services designed to promote return to work or for injured workers unable to return to their original job. Our certified case manager provide vocational case management services for injured workers throughout the state of North Carolina. Our case management services include the following:

  • Rehabilitation Plans
  • Vocational Assessment & Testing 
  • Labor Market Surveys
  • Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)
  • Job Couching, Development & Placement
  • Other vocational case management services.

Our goal is to help disabled workers attain sufficient work skills to compete successfully in the labor market, and to return to suitable, gainful employment. Contact us today about your vocational case referral.




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• Returns injured workers back to work sooner.
• Provides physician with objective, job-related standards to use in determining restrictions.
• Outlines options if worker cannot return to regular position.
• Workers feel valued. 
• Decreases litigation.
• Decreases workers’ compensation rates.
• Educates employers with options for return to work solutions.
• The Case Manager acts as a catalyst for solidifying a positive relationship between carrier and employer.

We are passionate about vocational case management, bringing innovative ideas that will improve vocational results. We have the experience. We have the commitment. The Current Group is devoted to the pursuit of quality, consistency and outcomes.​ Contact us today about your referral.

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